Choice Training in Carrollton is the absolute best

Choice Training in Carrollton is the absolute best. I’ve been taking martial arts with DeVon, and Golden Gloves Boxing with Tabora for about 5 months. All of the instructors at Choice take pride in their work, and bring life to their classes. They strive to make their workouts fun, and that ultimately is what keeps people coming back for more. I took one class and knew I’d sign up for a full membership. The owners, Toy and Tabora, are very friendly as is the rest of the staff. In the short duration I’ve been a member, I’ve lost 14 lbs and continue to lose weight. If you have prior injuries they will make note and not make you do anything you’re uncomfortable with. Instead, they will give you alternate exercises to help strengthen those areas. Martial arts and Boxing are only a few of the many classes they offer. Becoming a member here has been nothing but a positive experience.

Sean McGregor