1. A Few More Reasons You Should Sign Up for Pole Dancing Classes in Carrollton

    When women think about fitness and the health benefits from different types of exercises and workouts, they rarely think about pole dancing as an option. Maybe the reason for this is the negative stigma attached to pole dancing. But think about this, many years ago, dances like the tango were only performed in dark alleys and poor neighborhoods because it was considered in poor taste. But look at …Read More

  2. Mention Pole Dancing or Pole Fitness and Carrollton Residents Think Immediately of a Seedy Nightclub

    Up until relatively recently, mention pole dancing or pole fitness and Carrollton residents think immediately of a seedy nightclub. However, pole dancing and pole fitness has entered the mainstream and has become a great way to get and stay fit. So put your doubts and misconceptions aside for just a moment and read about the benefits associated with pole fitness. Let's not pretend that pole fitnes…Read More