When you start working with a Choice trainer, you’ll get a complete personalized physical assessment, a comprehensive Body Composition Analysis, customized workouts, a meal plan that’s designed to accommodate your tastes and lifestyle, and full access to group fitness classes and boot camps that will push you past your limits on your off days from your trainer.

All P.T. Packages & Memberships come with an All Inclusive Class Membership! That means Unlimited access to your favorite Pole, Boot Camp, & Group Fitness classes. All sales are final.


Nutrition Planning & Weight Loss –
Food is fuel, so filling up with the right stuff is important. Choice trainers know this and will help you figure out a meal plan that’s both satisfying and smart. Losing weight is just as simple as making a decision. Choice trainers will keep you on track with this choice. Through goal setting, system tracking, and of course creative / result driven workouts, the person hiding inside of you will be revealed in no time.

Cardiovascular Training –
The most important muscle in your body is the one that keeps your blood pumping: the heart. Therefore, cardio training is the best thing you can do for it. Your trainer will put together a cardio routine geared to get you to your goals.

Resistance Training –
Whether your goal is to tone what you have or to pack on pounds of lean muscle mass, the way you’ll get there is by lifting weights. Your trainer will teach you proper form and come up with a routine for you that’s easy to follow.

Supplementation –
If you’ve ever taken a multi-vitamin then you’ve taken a supplement. Supplements are a great way to give your body more of the nutrients that it needs in concentrations that you can’t get from diet alone.