Face it… The “Gym” isn’t for everybody. This is an adrenaline powered program geared for ANYONE who wants to change their body, eating habits, and workout scene NOW! Choice Boot Camps are not your mothers’ work-out tape. If you are an avid athlete, couch potato, or anyone in between Choice Boot-Camps are made for you. Most of our workouts are timed, this is why you can get the most out of them. We work you from your current fitness level and build you up. Our Drill instructors deal in muscle confusion and lactic acid. We push you past your normal limits every day that you come out. You will see results! The significance totally depends on how much you dedicate yourself to this phenomenal training. Diet assistance and accountability included.


Boot Camp programs including memberships are final and non-refundable. Membership fees will be deducted from the credit card used for purchase on a monthly recurring basis for the full duration of the membership chosen. Boot Camp Memberships offers flexibility, cost savings, and a variety of exercises to keep you fit and exhilarated! Memberships are beneficial for those who want to take advantage of other services offered at Choice Training!


We understand that sometimes you may have every intention on attending a class when you make an online reservation but are forced to miss class due to unforeseen circumstances. Please understand that when you make on online reservation for a service, we honor it 100%. Our team of instructors make a great effort to prepare result driven classes. In addition other students may be turned away if the class is full. Therefore, if you do not cancel your online reservation at least 5 hours prior to start time, your class is forfeited; groupons or punch cards. Members will accrue a $15 fee (per missed cancellation) to billing. Cancellations MUST be made online. No telephone cancellations will be accepted.


  • 1 free guest pass each month – invite a friend



What’s a typical Boot-Camp session like

First off, there’s nothing typical about these workouts. At the beginning of each session we fall in and are called to attention. Once the instructions are given for the day we warm up for 5 to 8 minutes. After this the workout for the day is done then we stretched fellowship and go home. There is nothing monotonous about this program. Don’t worry about getting bored with a routine; we do something different every-day.


What if I can’t do certain things?

We modify exercises all the time. No worries, you will still get a great work-out.

Will you yell at me?

We only yell motivating words. We will never embarrass you even if you want us to.

Can I bring someone with me?

Yes, you may bring a buddy to one day class per session. They will need to sign a waiver upon arriving to boot camp. Make sure to come prepared.

What do I need?

You’ll need a mat, hand towel, two pairs of dumbbells (5lbs and 8lbs are a good place to start), water bottle, running shoes, loose, comfortable clothing, sunscreen in the summer and gloves, a hat, and layered clothing in the winter.

Can I attend other locations?

Yes, you can attend any boot camp location or time for no additional charge once you have registered. Be sure to notify the trainer which boot camp you are registered at.

Is it always outside?

During inclement weather – too hot, too cold, raining, etc. – we will conduct activities indoors unless otherwise notified.

Is this program too hard for me?

Choice Boot Camps are designed for all fitness levels. You don’t have to be in shape to start. During week one, we will establish a baseline with the 2 minute pushup, 2 minute sit up, and 1 mile run (2 miles are required for awards). Body fat testing is available for those who want to see their starting point.

How often can I come?

Once you’ve registered as a Boot Camp participant, you can attend as many classes a week that your schedule allows (three times minimum). You may also participate at any of the other locations we offer during your four weeks of training.