Up until relatively recently, mention pole dancing or pole fitness and Carrollton residents think immediately of a seedy nightclub. However, pole dancing and pole fitness has entered the mainstream and has become a great way to get and stay fit. So put your doubts and misconceptions aside for just a moment and read about the benefits associated with pole fitness.

Let’s not pretend that pole fitness is not a sensual form of exercise, as it certainly is. But in this context, pole dancing is a fun way to get fit. And there is in no way any harm in that.

While your are pole dancing and having a ton of fun, you are also burning calories rather quickly. Pole dancing is a form of workout that combines isometric and cardiovascular exercise all in one. In other words, a half hour of pole dancing will burn just as many calories as a more traditional workout.

In addition to burning calories, pole dancing will also make you more flexible. If the downward dog pose in yoga doesn’t fit your style, gain your flexibility through pole dancing. Stretch those muscles in your body and you will feel a big difference.

Traditional workouts can be rather boring, which leaves you with little motivation to workout every day. Pole dancing is fun and exciting, so you actually look forward to your daily sessions.

As you burn calories, lose weight and become more flexible, you will feel your confidence shine. You are more confident about yourself and it will show in the way you walk, talk and present yourself to others.

If you are seeking a great way to workout, consider pole dancing.