Made popular in Canada of all places in the early 1980’s, pole dancing has left the seedy clubs and become a popular form of exercise. Women from all walks of life are raving about the benefits associated with pole dancing. Here are a few reasons you need to sign up for our Carrollton¬†pole dancing classes.

Burn Calories– If you feel you need to lose around ten pounds or so, any exercise is welcome. But, pole dancing taxes all the muscles in your body, making it a more effective workout. You can burn as many calories in a thirty-minute session of pole dancing as you would going aerobics, leading to significant weight loss.

Self-ConfidenceРOnce you build up your strength a bit, you begin to quickly develop some pretty awesome pole dancing skills. In addition, you lose that extra weight and start looking simply grand. Your confidence begins to show when you come to this realization that you look better and it shows in the way you walk and in that big smile on your face.

Eliminate Stress– Well, you can’t expect pole dancing to eliminate stress, but it will certainly lessen it. Stress makes you easily annoyed and depressed. An intense pole dancing session will a calmer and happier you.

Limber– Don’t forget the importance of joint flexibility and mobility. The more limber you become, the less you suffer back pain and muscle soreness. And your risk of sprains and other injuries goes down when are able to move about more freely.

But the benefits of pole dancing don’t stop here, check back and we will give you even more reasons you need to sign up for our pole dancing class.