Kandy Girls

This is an introduction for the sweet girls that like to take it slow. Learn the art of pole dance or sensual burlesque dance! This party is designed with the beginner in mind and is suitable for women of all ages and sizes. 

  • Complimentary bottle of wine (given at the end of your party as a token of our appreciation) 
  • Hostess or Guest of Honor receives complimentary class pass of their choice! 
  • Custom Playlist
  • Must have a minimum of 7 participants
  • Choose from one style of dance (pole or burlesque)
Party duration:  50 minutes
$29 per person
$100 Deposit (Non Refundable)

Sugar Rush

No artificial flavors here!  We’re creating organic energy that will last with out the crash.  Turn up! if you wanna dress up we’ll definitely play along! Lets create some awesome memories! Pole, burlesque or themed party! You and your group will learn a sexy, choreographed routine. The routine is super sexy and designed to have you rushing home to try your new moves on your partner!

(80s baby, throw back 90s, Video Vixen, or create your own)  

  • Complimentary Champagne Toast
  • 1 dozen of white or chocolate dipped strawberries
  • Hostess or Guest of Honor receives a complimentary class pass of their choice!
  • Custom Playlist
  • It’s like getting 2 parties for the price of 1
  • Must have a minimum of 10 participants
Party Duration: 70 Minutes
$39 per person
$100 Deposit (Non Refundable)

Cake, Cake, Cake! 

Where them dollars at?! 

It’s time to come to the floor and show your friends “What it do!”  Drop it like it’s hot!! This party is outrageously fun but not for the faint of heart. Choose Pole with a lil Twerk action! Feel free to add a theme of your choice! We encourage you to wear relax & sexy clothing as there will be alot of booty-poppin on & off the pole! 

  • Complimentary Champagne Toast
  • Each Participant receives one FREE class
  • It’s like getting 3 parties for the price of 1
  • Must have a minimum of 11 participants
  • Custom Playlist
  • 1 dozen of white or chocolate dipped strawberries. 
Party duration: 90 minutes
$49 per person
$150 Deposit (Non Refundable)

Call to book – 469.366.9185


Sugar Daddies Package

He’ll definitely pay for this party! This package is ideal for 1 couple. Let us help you create the ultimate fantasy for you and your significant other! You can role play in a sexy, creative costume, and perform a sensual pole routine for you & yours! We get the fire burning, and you can put it out in the privacy of your own home. (No nudity or “Hanky-Panky”) This package is 1 hour & half. The first 30 to 60 min is between you & an instructor. We’ll teach a choreographed routine, and the second segment is ALL yours! We invite men/significant others to the studio for the best show in town! We provide rose petals, blind folds, and candle/mood lighting to enhance the show!

Duration: 90 minutes 
$199 total
$100 Deposit (Non Refundable)

Pls remember to clean up after your party.