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Is it your BIRTHDAY, GIRLS NIGHT OUT, BACHELORETTE PARTY or do you want to have a party JUST-BECAUSE?  Let Choice Training’s Kandy & Krome Room host your special event.  No need to leave Carrollton to have a great time. We will make it a night never to be forgotten.

Your party will receive a complimentary bottle of wine/bubbly! Now Hosting Belly Dance Parties! Get the girls together and have a Belly Dance Party! Make your Bridal, Birthday, Bachelorette or Girls-Night-Out party and night to remember! It’s a great idea for Birthdays, Just Because, or any sort of Girl-Time! Meet your instructor, take pictures, pole dance and prepare for the time of your life!

Party Price Points:
  • 1-2 Girls – $125 1 hour
  • 3-6 Girls – $225 1 hour
  • 7-10 Girls – $325 1 hour
  • 11-15 Girls – $425 1.5 hours
  • 16-20 Girls – $500 1.5 hours
  • Sugar Daddies Package – $199 1.5 hours
  • ADD AN 1/2 HOUR of additional time to any party for just $62.50!

A $150.00 Deposit is required the day you book your party. $50 Deposit required for Sugar Daddies.  The remaining balance is debited 5 business days from deposit. Pole Parties & Sugar Daddies packages are non-refundable. Complimentary bottle of wine/champagne is given to all parties purchased through Choice Training

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No refunds are given once you RSVP for class/party. A $150.00 Deposit will be collected the day you book your party. The remaining balance is withdrawn 5 business days from deposit. “No-shows” affect our ability to service our other clients. In the event that you do not show up to your party, or 20 minutes or more late, studio makes the decision to forfeit your party. This affects other scheduled parties. Fail to cancel or reschedule 24 hours in advance, the balance due for the party will be billed at the time that service was supposed to be rendered. We apologize for any inconvenience that this might cause.

What Is A Pole Party?

Party Categories
Pole Party

Pick your flavor, bring your own music, and don’t forget your camera! Get ready to release your inner Kandy Girl! These pole parties include dressing up, role & Pole play, using the pole for a fun and sassy routine. Just pick a flavor and let the fun begin! (Recommended themes are located below)

Burlesque Dance

Grab a Boa, Top Hat, and Walking cane.  Its time to break out that inner show girl. This party blends pin-up, go-go, & hip hop in a saucy burlesque dance revue! Your instructor will get your heart pumping and body working with dance moves that will seamlessly turn into a sweet & sexy “Lolli-“POP” routine. Themes like our Lace and Leather, Pin ups, and Star Struck go great with this party.

Sugar Daddies Package

He’ll definitely pay for this party! This package is ideal for 1 couple. Let us help you create the ultimate fantasy for you and your significant other! You can role play in a sexy, creative costume, and perform a sensual pole routine for you & yours! We get the fire burning, and you can put it out in the privacy of your own home. (No nudity or “Hanky-Panky”) This package is 1 hour & half. The first 45/60 min is between you & an instructor. We’ll teach a choreographed routine, and the second segment is ALL yours! We invite men/significant others to the studio for the best show in town! We provide rose petals, blind folds, and candle/mood lighting to enhance the show!

Belly Dance Party

“CiCi” will provide jingling hip scarves and fun music to use while you and your friends learn & feel beautiful! Experience the joy of Belly Dance. Learn basic Belly dance moves to use at any party, wow your significant other, or feel empowered! Lessons are easy to follow and fun for any shape or size.

Add a lil’ sweetness to your party! 

Add a personal touch to your party! If you would like to bring treats (cupcakes, cheese tray, cake, etc) allow us to accommodate your set up! We will provide a small table with cute decor and a personalized sign for the woman of the hour or hostess! Pls remember to clean up after your party.

Table set up:  $18.00 extra 



What’s the Attire?

We welcome your fitness attire of shorts, leggings, and midsections “INSIDE” the Kandy & Krome Room, however please cover up with appropriate attire before departing and entering into the lobby/ studio in respect of other clients, Choice Training members, and staff.

Will I sweat?

Yes! Pole Dancing is definitely a workout! You’ll be amazed & “hooked” after the first class.

Do I need shoes?

NO shoes needed. Our pole, flexibility, and belly dance classes are all done barefoot.

How old do I have to be?

18 years of age. If you’re under age, Minors must be accompanied by adult and release form to take classes.

Will I be able to master the moves?

There is no expectation for you to master all the moves but we do have high expectations that you will have loads of fun while getting into fantastic shape. This is not about comparing yourself to others in the class. Every person is individually unique and the learning curve is based upon the desire of each person. You will be amazed at how fast you will progress to more advanced moves. During the series ladies begin to understand the true meaning of sisterhood! We laugh, and encourage each other in all classes.

Do I need to be fit?

The beginner class is designed for everybody. Upper body strength is gained and strengthen during the duration of each class & level. Remember at Choice Training we offer the best of both worlds! You have the choice of taking both types of fitness on the other side of the studio. We offer strength training, kickboxing, cardio circuit, even boot camp! But to answer your question you don’t need to be fit. Most students have never even touched a pole before coming to our class! The classes are meant to challenge you not to intimidate you. So relax, and get ready for a great workout! If you are nervous about taking the classes you are not alone. Everyone is considered a sugar babies in the beginner – The new addition to the family. We’ve all been there. RSVP to be transformed into the new you!

Can we bring our own music?

Yes, but you don’t have too. We have all sorts of KOOL music that we pole too. Here’s an idea… Create special CD’s as party favor for you attendees. Play some of it at your party and give them out to your group as a keepsake.

What are the requirements before class?

You must wash your hands and legs to remove any oils, lotions or moisturizers, as this impedes pole gripping and can make it dangerous.

Is there Nudity?

No! We show you sexy/creative dance moves and routines, and then you go home and dance until your heart’s content.

What are the class sizes?

Every student will receive their own pole in a class of typically 10 Ladies. However, when booking the studio for private events or depending on the size of party/class, ladies can share with their friends.

What will I learn in Class?

You will learn sensual moves and routines on the floor and pole. classes/parties are designed to be progressive; each succeeding class builds on the foundation from the previous class. All moves are designed to combine strength conditioning, cardio and a whole lot of sexy dance moves to wow yourself and anyone you chose to share your new talent with. You will learn to let go of your inhibitions and realize how special and talented you are as a woman. All taught in a stress-free/non-judgmental atmosphere. As a sign of respect we ask that guests DO NOT swing, climb or hang from pole until the instructor begins party. This prevents injury. 

Are men allowed?

Sorry guys, the classes are for the women only. However we do offer private packages for you & yours! Check out our Sugar Daddies Package! Can we bring decorations?

Sure! Just call your Kandy & Krome room rep for more ideas for your special occasion.

Can we bring a camera?

You sure can. We will even help you capture you newly acquired skills on film. We don’t want to be disruptive though. The most appropriate and flattering time to do this is towards the end of your event.

Can we bring food?

Yes, you can bring food. Please remember, it will use up your hour of class time. Your class is action packed and information filled. You may want to rent the studio for an extra hour to share in food and drinks with your girlfriends, be sure to ask our studio manager for extra time to show off your new skills with your friends.

How early can we can arrive for party?

Hostess Only can arrive up to 10 mins early. All guests must sign party waiver regardless of participation.


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