What’s Pole Fitness? Well, it includes more than just pole dancing classes… it includes some of the hottest, and frankly the most FUN types of women’s fitness today. It’s designed with Carrollton women in mind and you are seeing it all over the television! Amongst women, it has surely been a hot topic about something that you have always wanted to do. Enter Choice Trainings’ Kandy & Krome room. Here you will learn to pole, burlesque, and belly dance all in the name of fitness and self-empowerment. Our Pole Fit, Burlesque, and belly dance classes are very reasonable and tons of fun! The Kandy & Krome Room Classes are coated with strength, flexibility, determination and filled with overall focus of fitness! Moms, Daughters, business women and celebrities are all experiencing this revolutionary form of exercise and empowerment. Themes, showcases and Bachelorette parties are welcome and highly promoted. Our instructors show you how to be yourself and see yourself make sugar look sweeter in the Kandy & Krome Room.

What to expect:
  • Build strength and increase your muscle tone
  • Cardio vascular and muscle endurance
  • Cardio workouts that promotes weight loss
  • Significant improvement of total core strength
  • Confidence building classes and empowerment of women
  • Fun, Friendly, and welcoming environment


Memberships are final and non-refundable. Membership fees will be deducted from the credit card used for purchase on a monthly recurring basis for the full duration of the membership chosen. Boot Camp Memberships offers flexibility, cost savings, and a variety of exercises to keep you fit and exhilarated! Memberships are beneficial for those who want to take advantage of other services offered at Choice Training!


We understand that sometimes you may have every intention on attending a class when you make an online reservation but are forced to miss class due to unforeseen circumstances. Please understand that when you make on online reservation for a service, we honor it 100%. Our team of instructors make a great effort to prepare result driven classes. In addition other students may be turned away if the class is full. Therefore, if you do not cancel your online reservation at least 5 hours prior to start time, your class is forfeited; groupons or punch cards. Members will accrue a $15 fee (per missed cancellation) to billing. Cancellations MUST be made online. No telephone cancellations will be accepted.


  • 1 free guest pass each month – Invite a friend!


Don’t be late! Why not show up early, possible change into your workout gear, stretch, socialize, purchase a choice training tank or tee or chat with us or your fellow classmates? We’re nice!

There are two reasons why we ask you not to be late to class and they are both because we care about you and your experience. First, it’s not safe and decreases the effectiveness of your efforts! It may not seem like it but even after 5 minutes you have already missed a big portion of important warm up or instructions. Second, it is a major distraction and disruption for your instructor and your fellow classmates already in the burn to have late comers finding weights, yoga mats and weaving through the crowd to find a spot.

We love our clients, we love our class and we want everyone to have the best experience possible at Choice Training but here’s the uncomfortable bit. If you’re more than 5 minutes late to class you won’t be able to join and we’ll have to count it as a late cancel. Don’t be cross with us because we don’t like doing it but it’s for everyone’s benefit and safety.


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