Choice Training now has prepared meals to help you reach your fitness goals even faster!  We’ve teamed up with an awesome company called Icon Meals.  These meals are filling and range in calories from 220 to 420.  All are organic, fresh/non-frozen, tasty and very healthy meals.  This will take the guess work and cooking out of your daily routine.  The new menu will be posted every week.  Meals cover breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.  In theory, you can order all your meals through this service.  Also, you can just cover the meals that you would miss by being at work or meals that you would eat at home that you don’t want to cook.  Meals are high protein, low in fat and full of complex carbs!  To put a cherry on top, they are just $7.25.  We’ll just charge your account and your order will be here the next day (same day in some cases).  We can’t stress enough how reasonable and smart of an option this is.  Just email us what you want to order in the form below.


PS. If you don’t order we will have some here at the studio for you to pick up when you do come in.

Mr. T. Laster CEO/Owner